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From all the good work done by the presenters of the Word thus far, we have been developing a Leadership List. From what we have seen by example from Nehemiah as a Good and Godly Leader, we are challenged to be so as well. This is what we have discovererd thus far: A Good and Godly Leader….
1. Is concerned about the welfare of his people and his city.
2. Is broken when he hears of despair coming on either
3. Prays to God for repentance for himself and for his people
4. Is transparent, even to those wholly unconnected to him
5. Discerns what is needed to make things right
6. Is bold to ask for support and blessing in making things right
7. Counts the cost of rebuilding
8. Is undaunted and unafraid of adversity which always comes
9. Takes on his tasks in a timely manner
10. Secretly surveys what is needed before making any declarations
11. Gets the complete picture
12. Tells it like it is as far as the depth of destruction
13. Encourages good men to rise up and work
14. Allows good men to rise up and work
15. Can stand against mockery and hatred when the work has begun
16. Does not dignify a false accusation
17. Claims and stands upon the God of heaven as his right and his might
18. Is confident prosperity comes only from God
19. Is a servant of God himself
20. Recognizes posers and imposters….they have NO heritage of God, No right standing with God, and NO memorial in God
21. Does his own work as others do their’s
22. Does his work with zeal and determination…

To be continued……

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  1. Mike Veneman says:

    A Good and Godly Leader like Nehemiah…
    23. Recognizes when others despise hiim, his leadership, and the people whom he leads
    24. Expects stiff opposition
    25. Prays that opposition into the Lord’s hands
    26. Continues to lead in the face of indignation and mockery from others
    27. Knows the mind of the people whom he leads
    28. Understands and reacts accordingly to whatever warfare style is being levied against him…

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