What is the Order Of The Sword?

The Order Of The Sword is a group of men committed to following Jesus the Christ. We are united in our desire to please and serve Him, as well as united in our love for His Word. We have joined together and are accountable to each other. The goal of all of this is to grow and challenge each other.

No one has perfect doctrine. We all have beliefs that come from our past and some based on traditions. Together we question our beliefs. Not to cause strife, or division, but to test our beliefs and our hearts according to God’s Word. In this manner we are training to better handle God’s Word. We are constantly applying His Word to all aspects of our lives. We are fulfilling the command for discipling, as well as encouraging each other to become more Christ like.

One of the biggest problems with Men’s conferences is the lack of followup and accountability. It is easy to go to one of these large conferences and get inspired. We can make an internal promise to change. But then after some time we forget or get distracted, and nothing really happens. The Order Of The Sword is specifically designed to prevent this from happening. By joining together we are unified in our commitment to follow Christ. We are accountable to each other and have clear expectations. We resist the temptation to become passive.

What We Aren’t.

The Order Of The Sword isn’t a social club. It isn’t about getting together and having fun. It isn’t about fellowship and socializing. Sure, those things will and do happen, but that is not our primary goal or concern. Our passion is for Jesus The Christ. We will follow Him above all, no matter the cost. Our primary goal is to encourage and challenge each other in our commitment to becoming more like Him.

What We Are.

There is nothing fancy or exclusive about the Order Of The Sword. We are a group of men that are actively following Jesus. We reject the common passive approach to living for Christ, and live in a determined fashion. We want everything that God has planned for our life, and work hard to win “the race”. We all love God’s Word, and recognize the beauty and power of hearing His voice.

We are warriors. We constantly train. We test everything according to the Scriptures. We serve our King. We serve each other. We are unified in Christ. We love Jesus!