Time for some collaborative worship.
The instructions are pretty simple. Put on some headphones or earbuds and play along with the simple track. NOTE none of the simple track will actually make it into the final recording.
After you record yourself, upload the video with the link below. Then you are done!
Here is a good example.

A couple of Tips:
1. If you are singing and playing an instrument, record each of those separately. That will allow a better mix of the audio.
2. Record in landscape, NOT Portrait.
3. Use a simple background.
4. You don’t have to record every song.
5. You can just sing, or just play an instrument if you like.
5. Have Fun and get your Worship On!

Song List

These are the songs. The simple track for these are on Youtube (linked).
Chords and lyrics are linked files below.

Cast My Cares
Famous For (I Believe)
Graves Into Gardens
Revelation Song
Way Maker
Edge of My Seat

Upload Link

Upload Here

Chords and Lyrics