Why have requirements?

Why do we need requirements? Can’t I do all of this stuff by myself? I don’t need to join a group to do this.
This all might be true, but we aren’t meant to do this by ourself. We are called the “Body” because we are all members of the same body. We are in this together, we aren’t supposed to do this by ourself.
So… There are requirements for two reasons. First of all these men are committed to following Christ no matter what the cost. We aren’t passive about our walk, and expect the same from each other. Membership is a way to encourage commitment. We don’t want to fall into the trap that comes from men conferences. These are great, but once you go home, what is there to keep you going? If you want everything that God has planned for you, you can’t do it half way.
Secondly these requirements help us to be accountable. It is easy to make an internal promise that we end up forgetting about. But here we have other men to keep us accountable. We have explicit expectations that keep us accountable to each other. Accountability is key to keep us all on track.

What are the requirements for?

Although we have expectations, we aren’t going to keep anyone from participating. But we also want to prevent the danger from people “joining” without any real commitment. These are expectations that we have for men going through the pledge ceremony. If you don’t meet these requirements there is still time to see what God wants for you. These are not meant to be legalistic, but to give us a common direction.

  • Be a Christian, and have a passon for Christ. Our commitment is to Him first.
  • Accept the authority of God’s Word.
    We recognize that God’s Word is the ultimate authority. It isn’t about our favorite pastor, teacher, commentary, author, or someone else. Those sources are only great when they agree with God’s Word. Honestly this shouldn’t be a big issue. If you don’t agree there are only really two possibilities. Hopefully you will learn to recognize that God’s Word is precious, priceless, powerful, and alive. Otherwise you will get beat up by the conviction and power of His word and leave.
  • Regularly attend a fellowship.
    If you don’t belong to a fellowship, then you can’t expect to function correctly in God’s Church. (You aren’t supposed to do this alone.)
  • Actively discipling someone
    This might look differently for each of us (We don’t want to limit God’s plan for you.) This should NOT be passive.
  • Serve the Fellowship.
    God’s plan is that we edify each other. This is meant to encourage commitment to God’s plan for your life. It gives you an opportunity to “practice” your spiritual gifts. This also gives you a chance for discipleship.
  • Meet with other members outside of “Sunday Church”.
    You can’t be accountable or disciple if you don’t spend time with others. We need to get in the habit of spending time with each other.
  • Pledge to follow the tenets of the Order Of The Sword.

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