Truth in ten is a simple format to get laymen to share wisdom and encouragement with other men. It is like a Ted Talk with eternal consequences.It is limited to ten minutes which is accessible for every Christian. You don’t need to be an expert or scholar. Read a good Christian Book lately? Maybe that could be a topic. Passionate about something? Maybe that could be a topic. Or Maybe you want to learn something and present your findings. Even Better. The biggest challenge will be trying to keep it to 10 minutes.
Here are some topics already slated for a Truth in Ten.

  • Spiritual Gifts – Brian
  • Leadership – March
  • How we got the Bible – John
  • Bones of Contention (a book) – Jonathan
  • Integrity – Brian Coday
  • God Encounters – Elijah
  • Why Christians need to accept Evolution (Tentative) – Dan